Posted by: digdug2k | August 27, 2012

Testers rock!

To everyone who took time out last Friday or over the weekend to test out some webapps on Android goodness, a huge huge HUGE thanks. I wish I could bake you all cookies. We had a great turnout of testers and found a good number of bugs (more still trickling in this morning). Also, people weren’t shy about sending in the feedback! The MiniMart still exists (I moved it when Dropbox started to complain, so its available on my account now too) for anyone else who missed out or who wants to continue to test things!

One of the main things people really want (better integration with the Android launcher and Android app management stuff) is going to be tough to do. We’ve talked about doing things like dynamically building apk’s and even signing them on a Mozilla server somewhere. That opens up enough other cans of worms that we haven’t had time to chase yet. Stability and speed are our first priorities.

Thanks again!


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