Posted by: digdug2k | April 29, 2013

Show Urls in Fennec

One common request we get in Fennec is the ability to show url’s in the titlebar. At one point I even wrote an addon to do it. Ignoring the arguments for and against, the feature is finally available built in to Nightly builds:


To enable, just open Settings -> Privacy and change the “Title Bar” pref to “Show page address”. We’ve also set up domain highlighting like you see on desktop Firefox (for both regular and private tabs show above, with or without Personas enabled, although Personas are a nice security measure for our new scroll away urlbar too!). Enjoy!



  1. Perhaps we’d want to consider a hybrid URL/Title for wider tablet layouts someday?
    A quick brainstorm would be first half is URL and then a fade out at the end (if it’s that long) and then the title is the second half. Tapping takes you into full URL mode like normal, but if you tap & hold the title you can scroll to read the full title.

    • Yeah. Definately worth looking into. I know I’ve seen some mockups for desktop firefox to do this, but never for Android. In general (different topic), but it would be good to bring our UI’s into better alignment.

  2. […] Wes has already reported, you now have the option to show URLs instead of page titles in the address bar. The domain […]

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